Cat/Kitten Yoga is back in 2020! First session is Saturday, June 27th. The instructor-led Kitten Yoga session starts at ONE pm. Our remote Adoption Event starts 10:30 am followed by an instructor-led kitten yoga session that starts at 1:00 pm. Upstairs at OddFellows Hall on Main Street.

We will have kittens available for adoption during the remote adoption event starting at 10:30am and after the yoga session. Come meet and play with the kittens before Kitten Yoga, and find your new best friend!

Where: Upstairs at OddFellows Hall – enter the door just right of the Bakery front door. Led by certified yoga instructor extraordinaire Britnee Miller.

More Details: BYOM, bring your own mat if you can.

Adoptable cats and kittens will be free roaming in OddFellows Hall during both the remote adoption event and Kitten Yoga. Please knock and then enter slowly. We will have two sets of double doors closed in an effort to prevent any curious kittens from running out of the Hall.

Brought to you by the Lemhi County Humane Society, Salmon Animal Shelter.