Lemhi County Humane Society is wagging our tails in excitement to be starting a local lecture series in 2020!

Dog at attention

We apologize that the lectures are postponed indefinitely during the coronavirus disease outbreak. We will try to develop an online webinar format for April/May. And will be discussing cat and kitten season, and kitten fostering.

  • Why does my dog pull on the leash? 
  • How important is exercise to good dog behavior?
  • Why doesn’t my dog come when called? 
  • How can I correct problem behavior in my adult cat?  Litter box problems? 

Get these and many more questions answered.   Focused on all things pet ownership and strengthening the bond between people and their companion animals – the goal of the lectures is to provide basic information and resources to learn more about the companion animal in your home! There will be cat focused lectures coming.